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Alan L. Stott, DDS


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Here we have some frequently asked questions from our patients. If you have specific questions about your dental treatment or treatment in general, contact us for more detailed answers.

Yes. See the No Insurance? No Problem! and our Payment Options sections for more details.
We accept most major Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans. Go to the section under Insurance Plan Provider for more details.
You can call the office phone number and it will tell you how to contact the doctor. If he is on vacation, it will give you information on who to call.
Yes, we are. Look through our website to see if our office is what you are looking for. Feel free to call us if you have any further questions. We would love to have you as a member of Lancaster Family Dental.
Sorry, we do not. We would be glad to have you as a patient but it would be outside of those programs.
Dr. Stott is very gentle. He wants to make the patients as comfortable as possible at each visit. He also wants to be sure they are adequately numb for each procedure. See the section on Gentle Care and Sedation for more details on this subject.
Dr. Stott and his whole staff are great with children. Dr. Stott tries to make each visit with the children a positive one. We start seeing children at age five. If parents feel their children need to be seen sooner due to lack of good oral hygiene or visible problems in the mouth, we can refer them to one of our team of specialists for such treatment. Visit our page on Children’s Dentistry.
Dr. Stott has over thirty-five years of experience as a dentist. Three of those years were with the U.S Navy and the rest of them were here in Lancaster. He uses that experience to help decide what treatment is best for each patient.
Currently Dr. Stott is the only dentist at Lancaster Family Dental. He has a team of specialists that he refers to as needed for the best care.
We try to accommodate those with busy work and family schedules. Some days we are open from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM and other days we are open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We are open some Fridays and currently we are not open Saturdays. For more details on days and hours we are open, go to the Contact Us section.
We would be glad to give you a second opinion at no charge. There would be a charge if the patient wants a full examination and x-rays for a better evaluation.
Yes, he does. However, we do not always have other employees in the office who speak Spanish. It is a good idea to bring an interpreter if your main language is other than English.
We have several patients who need an elevator and/or wheel chair access. We have both.
We can see walk-in patients as time permits. Unlike some of the clinics, we give our patients reserved appointment times. We want to schedule our patients at a time when we can give them our undivided attention. If patients have a dental emergency, we ask that they first call us to see what time would be best.
Modern dentistry can really transform some unattractive teeth into beautiful smiles. See the sections under Cosmetic Dentistry on the menu bar for more details.
Yes we do. We work with our team of oral surgeons to offer this exciting dental treatment. The fees for implants depend on the condition of the implant site. Some sites will require bone grafts or multiple implants, which will affect the price. People often look for implant treatment based on price alone. Our implant fees are based on the quality of treatment we and our oral surgeons offer and the quality of the materials we use. Bargain dentistry is not always good dentistry. Go to the section on Dental Implants for more information.
No problem. Come in for a tour of the office and a meeting with the doctor and staff. You can even ask the doctor some dental questions at no charge. There would be a charge if you want a complete exam with x-rays.
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