Tooth Knocked Out

Teeth can get knocked out with fights, accidents, and sports contact. The important thing is to get the tooth back into the socket where it came out as soon as possible. Ideally the tooth is replaced immediately by the patient or a family member. If not, try to get it into place under 30 minutes. Seek dental care immediately.

If the tooth is clean, immediately place it into the socket and push it up into place. Have the smooth surface to the outside. Place it so it looks like a mirror image of its matching tooth in the other half of the mouth. Not all front teeth are at the same level. The replaced tooth should be at the same level as its matching tooth in the other half of the mouth. If the tooth is not clean, gently wipe off the dirt with gauze and water. Try not to scrape off the fibers on the root. Then replace the tooth as mentioned above.  Call your dentist immediately.

If you cannot replace the tooth, place it in a glass of milk and call your dentist immediately. The dentist may need to stabilize the knocked out tooth with a wire. He may also take x-rays and prescribe medication. There is a chance that the nerve in the tooth dies and it will need a root canal treatment within 2 weeks.