Sodas and energy drinks can be real bad for your teeth.


Sodas and energy drinks are very popular. Unfortunately, the frequent consumption of these drinks can be very harmful to your teeth. Not only do they contain a lot of sugar, they are very acidic. The PH numbers 1-14 represent how acidic something is. 1 is very acidic, 7 is neutral, and 14 is alkaline or basic (opposite of acidic). Battery acid is PH 1. Energy drinks and sodas have a PH of about 3-3.5. Some citric juices have a PH of about 4. Tooth enamel will start to dissolve around a PH of 6. This means if you drink several cans of energy drinks, sodas, and/or citric juices everyday, this will probably start dissolving your enamel. Especial bad is the drinker’s habit of sipping a little bit of these drinks all day long or swishing with the drink. I am not saying a once a day drink with lunch is bad. It is the several times a day habit that can really damage teeth. I see some teens that drink only sodas everyday in place of water. They have multiple deep cavities.┬áSucking on lemons is also very bad for teeth.

I have several patients that have dissolved off most of the enamel of their teeth due to frequent use of sodas and energy drinks. This causes decay and a lot of sensitivity. And it can be very costly to repair. What is the best drink to avoid all these dental problems? Water, of course. The carbonation in these drinks can also cause some health problems.

My suggestions? Cut out the soda drinks. To maintain good hydration, drink water. Instead of energy drinks, get extra energy with food products like nutritional bars or other protein snacks. Healthy teeth means a happier life!