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Alan L. Stott, DDS

Senior Dentistry

Seniors Couple

Dentistry for Seniors

We look forward to seeing our senior patients come in. They have a lot of wisdom, experience, and advice to share. Their dental needs can be more complex than an adult in midlife. A senior patient can have more decay and gum problems. Most of their dental concerns, such as gum disease, deep decay, extractions, crowns and bridges, implants, emergency care, and denture work, can be treated in our office. It is exciting to see mouths with many broken down or missing teeth transformed into beautiful and healthy smiles.

Dr Stott understands the needs of older adults (“senior dentistry”)

Dr. Stott gives the senior patients a thorough exam and presents them all the treatment options. His dental hygienists will take care of the maintenance of their gums and teeth. If you are a senior and have waited a long time since your last dental visit, give us a call and see what modern dentistry can do for you.

Often seniors are on a fixed income and are concerned about the cost of dental care. Go to the No Insurance, No Problem section to find out about some of our discounts.

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