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Alan L. Stott, DDS

Gentle Care and Sedation

Woman at the dentist for dental care

We are Experts in Comfort, Compassion and Listening

We realize most people do not like going to the dentist. This is due mostly to past bad dental experiences, fear of pain, and discomfort with having your mouth worked on. Dr. Stott wants to give his patients a good dental experience by using gentle dental care.

He first listens to the patient’s┬áconcerns about dental treatment. Our dental staff also helps relax the patients by answering their questions, reassuring them about treatment, and making them feel comfortable in the dental chair.

When doing a dental procedure, Dr. Stott gives dental anesthesia as gently as possible. He tries to numb the area needing treatment very thoroughly so the procedure is painless. Some people are hard to numb and require more dental anesthesia. All the patients have to do is raise their hands or make a little noise and we will stop and give more anesthesia if needed.

When the patient feels tired during a procedure and wants us to stop, all they have to do is let us know and we will gladly pause treatment. We are very happy when the patients say after the procedure that that was the best dental visit they have ever had and they did not feel a thing.

Oral Sedation

For our patients with dental anxiety or other concerns, oral sedation is available. You can learn more about oral sedation here.

A Relaxed and Caring Environment

We know dental treatment can be noisy at times. We have stereo headphones if you would like to listen to the radio during treatment, or you can bring your own headphones and listen to music on your cell phone.

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