Discount Dentures

Why do dentures cost so much?

We often hear the question, “How much are your dentures?” I can tell you right now that we do not provide the cheapest nor the most expensive dentures in the area. But, we strive to provide good quality dentures.┬áThe quality of a denture depends on the quality of the materials used and the quality of the service the dentist provides. A dentist may cut corners with both of these items and end up with a denture that does not fit well, does not look good, does not function well, or does not last very long.

I select denture teeth that chew better and look better than a cheaper brand. These teeth cost more and I have to charge my patients more.

I take several steps to try to make the final denture fit well and function well. These steps cost more to provide, so I have to charge my patients for my time.

We hear so many patients say that they will put off having necessary dental treatment and have dentures made when their teeth are real bad. Even with using the best brand of denture teeth and providing the necessary steps to make a good denture, we cannot make a denture that is as good as your regular teeth. Please, if you have some serious dental problems, see us as soon as possible so we can help you avoid having to go to a denture. Most denture wearers wish they could go back in time and save their teeth. Call us for a consultation.