Delta Dental Dentist

Delta Dental Insurance Provider

There are a few types of dental insurance.

  1. Private Insurance. You can use this insurance with any dentist and you receive the full benefits in any dental office.
  2. PPO Insurance. This is a Preferred Provider Organization insurance. In order to get full benefits at the best costs, you must go to a PPO in-network provider. Many offices say they accept your PPO insurance, but that does not mean they are in-network and offer you the reduced fee schedule. We are a PPO Provider and in-network for most major PPO insurances. See our section under Patient Information, Insurance Plan Provider.
  3. HMO Insurance. This is a Health Maintenance Organization insurance. You have to go to  specific dental clinics. The problem with this plan is the assigned dental clinics usually do not treat patients as well as in the other plans. The treatment is rushed and often not of high quality. The way the dentist is reimbursed by the HMO often gives him the incentive to not place needed fillings or to not do a thorough dental cleaning. Patients often have to wait a long time to be seen in these HMO offices.

In our office we take private dental insurance and most major PPO insurance plans. We strive to provide high quality dental treatment to all our patients. We also schedule reserved time so the patients are not kept waiting for long periods. If you have questions about the type of insurance you have and if we are an in-network office, give us a call and talk to one our insurance specialists.