How much are dental implants?


When you have a missing tooth, you have 4 options: leave the space open, replace the tooth with a bridge, replace the tooth with a partial denture, or replace the tooth with a dental implant. A dental implant is a good option but it can be expensive and take several months to complete the treatment.

Often patients see ads for very inexpensive implants. Those ads do not tell you all the additional charges that are added on to increase the price mentioned in the ad. Often these “discount” implants use cheap foreign made implants that break easily. Cheap is not always better. I had one lady come in with several foreign made implants placed by a visiting foreign dentist. When she went to get the final restorations placed, which she had already paid for, the dentist had left the country and I could not get parts for the implants.

Let us evaluate your dental situation and go over the options. Dental implants can be a great treatment but they are not always the best thing for every patient.