Dental Implants

I have had many patients say, “I will just wait until my teeth are bad enough that I have to have them all out. Then I will get those dental implants.”  Let’s think this plan through a little. First, dental implants will never be as good as regular teeth. Second, they can be very expensive (almost $5000 a tooth). Third, it is usually much better to invest the time and money now to take care of the good teeth you have rather then wait until they all fall out. When you see those ads on TV saying they can give you “permanent teeth in a day”, they don’t tell you the cost of a complete mouth full of dental implants. That could be well over $50,000. The way those ads are presented, it is almost as if they are telling the public that, “You shouldn’t worry about taking care of your teeth now. You can wait a few years until the teeth are completed decayed and the supporting bone around the teeth is dissolved away. Then, have them all removed and we will give you this perfect natural feeling set of new teeth.” To me, that is on the verge of false advertising and is misleading the patient.

In our office, we first want to help our patients keep their teeth and gums healthy. If a situation arises where a patient loses a tooth, we present the four options with their pros and cons. The options are; leave the space open, place a bridge, place a partial denture, or place an implant. We continue to take care of the patient’s other teeth so he or she will not need to replace many missing teeth. Replacing a single missing tooth with an implant will be a lot cheaper and more comfortable than having a full mouth of expensive implants or a full set of dentures. Come in for an exam to see if we can save the good teeth you now have or to see of you are a good candidate for a dental implant.

-Dr. Stott