Orthodontic Treatment (Braces)

Who is a good orthodontist? 

We get this question all the time. You want to go to an orthodontist that is good, is one you can trust, and has good people skills. We can give you some recommendations. I suggest that you see a general or family dentist first before you try to find an orthodontist for your family. This way you can not only get the name of a recommended orthodontist from us but we can also check to see if you or your family member have any dental problems that need attention before you see the orthodontist. Very often we see children that have braces put on and did not have a check-up with the general dentist first. Some of these children have severe decay or gum disease problems that need immediate attention. In some cases, we have to ask the orthodontist to take the braces off so we can treat these problems.

Another thing to consider with orthodontic treatment is that these patients still need to see the general dentist on a regular basis to get a good cleaning by the hygienist and to have an exam for decay. I have patients that at the end of their orthodontic treatment have needed over twenty fillings due to not having good on-going dental care with the general dentist.

Give our office a call  so we can evaluate your family member for possible orthodontic treatment and so we can direct you to one of our team of orthodontists.