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Alan L. Stott, DDS

No Insurance? No Problem!

4179f4c9_smush_047What can you do for me if I have no dental insurance? Do you offer something for the uninsured?

We are very aware that it is hard to take care of some dental costs without dental insurance. Because of this, we have created our Dental Savings Plan. It is not a true insurance, but is a plan that patients can use to reduce their dental costs. When you come in for your initial complete exam with x-rays, we will offer you our Dental Savings Plan (DSP).

What are the details of the Dental Savings Plan?

There is a yearly sign-up fee listed on our “No Insurance. No Problem!” page. With the plan, you get 2 free cleanings per year, free exams, and free x-rays. You will get at least 20% off our standard fees for all your dental treatment.

The yearly cost of the plan for new patients this month is $200 for adults (19 and over) and $160 for children (18 and under living at home).

Is this the same as what patients with PPO insurance pay?

The DSP is very close to what some PPO patients pay. Of course, PPO insurance patients have the advantage of having the insurance company pick up some of the costs of their dental treatment. We encourage patients without insurance to work with their employers to see if they can add dental care as an employee benefit. In the meantime, don’t wait until your dental problems get worse, and take advantage of our Dental Savings Plan.

Is there an annual maximum in the Dental Savings Plan?

No. You can do as much dentistry as you need in any year with the same discounted fees. There is the same yearly sign-up fee for those who want to continue in the program.

Can I use a payment plan with the Dental Savings Plan?

Yes. Look on our “Payment Options” page for details.

Why are you willing to provide this discount plan?

We are aware that for those patients who have a lot of dental work to do, the costs can be high. We want to make dentistry affordable for our patients. That is why we are in-network for a lot of dental PPO insurance plans. Likewise, if we can help those without insurance get some of their needed dental work done, then it is worth it to us to offer this discount.

Is the quality of the work you do for Dental Savings Plan patients less than what you do for full-fee patients?

We offer the same high quality dental treatment to all our regular fee, insurance, and DSP patients.

Why do you offer the regular cleanings, x-rays, and exams free in this plan?

By offering the regular cleanings, x-rays, and exams free in this program, we hope this will encourage patients to maintain good oral health and discover problems early when they are smaller and less expensive.

How do I get started with your Dental Savings Plan?

Give us a call and tell us you are interested in a complete exam using the Dental Savings Plan. You can ask any questions you may have about DSP on the phone or at the time you come in. We look forward to working with you.

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