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Alan L. Stott, DDS

Root Canals

Teen woman pressing her bruised cheek with a painful expression as if she's having a terrible tooth

Root Canal Treatment

“Root canal” is the common term used for endodontic therapy. Often friends and people in the media like to create fear in others by saying things such as, “It (some event) was worse than having a root canal.” But, root canals can be pain free. Root canal treatment allows us to relieve pain and to save teeth that would otherwise have to be removed. Often a root canal is the best treatment for a tooth and prevents us from having to perform more expensive treatment.

When is a root canal indicated?

A root canal is performed when the nerve of the tooth is dying or is already dead. During treatment the tooth is thoroughly numbed and the dead or dying nerve tissue is removed. After that we place a sterile filling material that seals the space previously occupied by the nerve tissue. Once a root canal is done, we have to place a final restoration on the tooth. This may be a simple filling on a front tooth or it may be a full crown on a back tooth. We want to be sure our patients have all their options explained and all their questions answered before we proceed with treatment. Call us with any further questions.

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