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Alan L. Stott, DDS

Gum Treatment

Female dentist with male patient

Periodontal Disease

There are many forms of gum disease, from beginning to moderate to severe. The treatment you require can range from a simple cleaning to deep cleanings to gum surgery. Our goal is to treat the gum disease early so we don’t have to do the more extensive treatment. Our licensed hygienists will provide the regular cleanings and the deep cleanings.

Deep Cleanings

Patients who have not had a professional cleaning for a long time and patients who do not have good home care may require a deep cleaning. Deep cleanings are done with local dental anesthesia so the gums are numb and comfortable. If we do deep cleanings before the gum disease gets too bad, we may be able to prevent gum and bone loss around the teeth. Give us a call to set up a complete oral evaluation.

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