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Alan L. Stott, DDS


Young beautiful brunette female dentist at dentist's surgery

Regular Cleanings are Key to Dental Health

We want to really stress the importance of regular dental cleanings in our office. Regular professional dental cleanings can get rid of beginning gum disease, reduce bad breath, reduce the amount of decay in the mouth, and help prevent future gum disease and bone loss. Our licensed dental hygienists will review your oral health and demonstrate proper home care. Many of our patients who get all their treatment done and come in for their regular cleanings have very few dental problems in the following years.

Professionally Licensed Hygienists

Unlike in some dental clinics, we have professionally licensed hygienists who have received advanced training in oral health maintenance. Not only can they do the regular cleanings, but they also provide deep cleanings which treat more advanced gum disease. The earlier we can catch gum disease, the less gum treatment will be required. Contact us to schedule a gum evaluation.

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