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Alan L. Stott, DDS

Children’s Dentistry

Little girl brushing teeth in bath

Children’s Dentist in Lancaster, CA:
Dentistry for Children and Young Adults

At Lancaster Family Dental we enjoy treating children. It is fun to talk with them about school, family, and some of their activities.

We recommend that children come in early for dental check-ups. This way we can catch and treat problems early and teach the kids ways to avoid a lot of future problems. In our office we start seeing children about age five. If they need to be seen sooner than that, we have a team of children’s dentists that are experts with treating real young children.

Help us make your child’s dental experience a positive one

We suggest that parents talk positively with their children about their first visit to the dentist. Make it sound like it will be a fun experience where we will count their teeth, and remind them that they get to pick out a toy at the end of each visit. Avoid mentioning negative words like pain, shots, or needles.

Work on home care with your kids

Not only is it important to bring children in for a checkup, we encourage the parents to monitor their children’s home care. For the real young children the parents will need to do the brushing and flossing for them. After about age seven or eight, children can usually do a good job on their own. As children get into the teenage years, we often see them ignore good oral hygiene and drink a lot of sodas. They will need a friendly reminder from their parents. Call us to set up an exam for your children and get them on the road to good oral health.

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