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Alan L. Stott, DDS

Teeth Whitening

whitening - bleaching treatment ,before and after ,woman teeth and smile, close up, isolated on whit

Dental Whitening – Teeth Bleaching

Most people would like whiter teeth. It is often referred to as teeth bleaching. There are basically three options for whitening the teeth:

1. The first is using a store-bought whitening system. The system uses strips or a stock tray to apply the whitening material to the teeth. For some, this system can work fine and is fairly inexpensive. However, it often allows the whitening material to wash out and lose its effectiveness.

2. The second option is to have your teeth whitened with a light system in one of those shopping mall kiosks. This type of whitening is temporary and can cause a lot of sensitivity. Studies have shown that the special light they use to activate the material in your mouth does nothing to improve the whitening results. It is mostly for “show”.

3. The last option is a take-home system from a dental office. We take detailed impressions of the patients’ teeth and then make lab fabricated custom trays that will closely adapt the material to the surfaces of the teeth. The custom trays are more comfortable to wear than the store-bought trays and they keep the whitening material better adapted to the surfaces of the teeth. The patients wear the trays for a few hours each day, often at night, for a period of three to four weeks. They will then “touch-up” their whitening every few months by using the system again for a day or two. Contact us if you want more information on teeth whitening.

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